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Recent Archaeological discoveries in Noth Somerset

Wednesday 9th June, Live in Court Lodge and via Zoom, 7.30pm

Following our exhibition Lost and Found, showcasing some local detectorists’ finds, we are delving further into the past with our next speaker Cat Lodge. She is the senior archaeologist for North Somerset who gets involved with any planned building projects, such as housing developments or road links. Over the last couple of years the route of the Hinkley C power lines has allowed archaeologists the opportunities to uncover and document the past before the sites are re-buried. Cat will share exciting finds, including evidence of a Roman town not far from us, featured on the TV programme Digging for Britain and a burial ground in Yatton.

Cat is always a lively and engaging speaker with a host of illustrations to share. Do come along.

                         Members free, visitors £2.50, with refreshments.

For a Zoom link contact m.adams.blagdonhistory@gmail.com. We would appreciate a £2.50 donation from non members via our website PayPal account.