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Burial Ground

Burial Ground Regulations


These regulations are pursuant to the Provision of Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 (No. 204) and are effective from 1 June 2007. The fees, payments and sums set out below shall apply where the person to be interred is a Parishioner of Burrington. A Parishioner is a person who resided in the Parish of Burrington immediately prior to death or was in residence for a period of five years during their lifetime.

Fees from 1st April 2015 are shown below:



Purchase of Exclusive Right of Burial (ERB) for a period of 99 years 100.00
First Internment 60.00
Re-opening (second interment) 60.00
Purchase of ERB for period of 99 years 70.00
First interment of ashes 50.00
Re-opening (second interment) 50.00
Scatter Ashes 60.00
First inscription on headstone or tablet 70.00
Second inscription 25.00
The agreed dimensions of memorials are as follows:-
Headstone  not exceeding:
Height 75cms  (2’6”)
Width 75cms  (2’6”)
Depth 30cms  (1’)
Tablet 30cms x 45cms (12”x18”)

The use of marble in the construction of memorials is prohibited.

In addition to the above charges, there will be an Admin fee of £15.


  1. On the occurrence of a death, a completed Notice of Interment must be sent to the Clerk together with the appropriate fee. Copies are available from the Clerk.
  2. The fees quoted above are for Parishioners of Burrington and are doubled for past residents  of less than 5 years or those with close family connections or regular worshippers of Holy Trinity Church, Burrington.
  3. The fees are trebled for those with no connection to Burrington Parish.
  4. The digging of the grave is not included in the above fees. Any surplus soil must be removed from the cemetery, the grave must be levelled and the turf reinstated.
  5. Any monument must have the prior approval of the Parish Council before being erected. The fee plus a plan showing the design, size and inscription should be sent to the Clerk. Responsibility for any erected monument lies with the plot owner and headstones may be subject to the “topple test” on a regular basis. No portraits or embellishments will be allowed.
  6. Receipts for all monies received will be issued and the Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial will be sent to the purchaser after being signed by the Chairperson.
  7. The Parish Council has the right to refuse burial in the Churchyard and their decision is final.
  8. We repectfully remind visitors to the burial ground that the placing of any items in or on the ground around the headstones is not permitted. Only floral tributes placed on the headstone plinth are allowed. Maintenance staff have the authority to remove any misplaced items.

Paul Keel
Chairman, Burrington Parish Council
January 2019